3¢ Deep Violet
Rotary Press Printing - Perf. 11 x 10 ½
Scott #1008 - 1952
Current Value = less than $1

Used stamps are worth less than 25 cents

Statistics and Facts

Issued: Washington, District of Columbia - April 4th, 1952

First Day Cover

Plate Size: Sheets of 200 (2 panes of 100) on electric eye plates.

Pane of 100

Printer: The Bureau of Printing and Engraving

Watermark: USPS, single lined

Quantity Issued: 2,899,580,000. It's a very common stamp.

What you should look for

Look for blocks of four or six,
MNH with the plate number as shown above.
Do not bother investing in graded stamps as they
only depreciate for this year.


The Inspiration for the Design

The statue of Liberty torch was used as the
inspiration for the design.

Varieties to look for

There are no varities of #1008

The Essay's and Proofs

We have no proofs or essay images for #1008

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