1013 Scotts - US Postage Stamps

3¢ Deep Blue
Rotary Press Printing - Perf. 11 x 10 ½
Scott #1013 - 1952
Current Value = less than $1

Used stamps are worth less than 25 cents

Statistics and Facts

Washington, DC - September 11th, 1952

103 First Day Cover United States Postage stamps

First day cover

Plate Size: Sheets of 200 (4 panes of 50) on electric eye plates.

Pane of 50

Printer: The Bureau of Printing and Engraving

Watermark: USPS, single lined

Quantity Issued: 124,260,000

What you should look for

Look for blocks of four or six,
MNH with the plate number as shown above.
Do not bother investing in graded stamps as they
only depreciate for this year.


The Inspiration for the Design

1013 design United States Postage Stamps

Three of the original four girls featured on the stamp
Publicity shot from US Armed Forces
WAC Corp, Mary J. Gorsuch
WAF Pfc, Margaret E. Tansey
Wave Chief Yeoman,
Virginia E. Jackson


1013 design
The fourth girl in the stamp, Peg Bentley

In September 1942 during World War II the Army Air Forces (AAF) was assigned its first women, members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), for work in the Aircraft and Warning Service which operated listening posts . In the summer of 1943, its auxiliary status was dropped, and the WAAC became the Women's Army Corps, or WAC, placing the organization in the Army. When the AAF was permitted to do its own recruiting, the women were known informally as Air WACs. The peak Air WAC strength of over 32,000 was in 1945 when more than 200 specialties were filled by enlisted women, and officers occupied 60 specialties. Following the war, most Air WACs were discharged, and no WACs were transferred to the Air Force when it became a separate service in 1947. In June 1948, Congress established the Women in the Air Force (WAF) but limited the corps to 300 officers and 4,000 enlisted women. In June 1976, women were accepted into the service on much the same conditions as were men, and the separate status of the WAF was abolished.

Varieties to look for

There are no varities of #1013

The Essay's and Proofs

1013 Proof Scotts - US Postage Stamps

#1013- P1a
large die proof on wove paper and die sunk on full size card

1952 Stamp Thumbnails 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1016