1857 US Postage Stamps

1875 1¢ reprint - #40

scotts #40
1¢ - Bright blue
Perf. 15½ - Scott #40 - 1875
Scissors separated sell at a substantial discount

*not scissors separated


Unused with no gum $280-$500


Date of Issue : Issued for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia

Plate : A new plate (plate #56) of 100 was created, which bears minute differences to the original.

Printer: Continental Bank Note Company

Watermark: None

Quantity Issued: 10,000
3,846 (unsold copies were destroyed)

Color: Bright blue

Note: This issue differs from the original in the shade of blue, also the paper is harder and much more white and highly finished in appearance. The stamps were likely to have been separated with scissors. The reprints have no grill.

Although all the 1876 reprints were invalid for postage, this one example on
cover exists. The stamp was accepted for postage. The cover was philatelic usage.
Photo courtesy of Rober A. Siegal Auctions Galleries

The Essay's and Proofs

40 P2

40- P2
Plate Proof
from Roosevelt Album

40 P4
Plate Proof

Plate Proof


40 TC1
Trial Color Proof

40 TC5
Trial Color Proof

Full Set of 1875 Proofs

1857 US Postage Stamps