This website is evolving. It is in its infancy, the beginning of a growth period that will last years.
When completed this website will be full of plate flaws, postal rates and eventually postal history.
I have recently made this website a little easier to use on mobile phones, and will transfer the design
to a fully responsive design in the future. It is also in the process of being on an SSL or certificated website.

Your help needed

I second guess what information would be of use, if you have something you would like to see
on this website please let me know.

Where is stamp collecting going?

It is a common misconception that stamp collecting is a dying hobby, I am a large dealer
and in my opinion it is a changing hobby, not a dying hobby. The age of collecting common
stamps is indeed coming to an end. However good quality higher value stamps are much in
demand. I see a lot of younger collectors coming to me, few are from the US or the UK. If
you look at China, India, large parts of SE Asia you see mostly younger collectors. You could
say the same for Eastern Europe and Russia, and so the list goes on. The hobby is also
changing in that there is more interest in varieties, specimens, proofs and essays. The days
of buying a printed album and filling it up are fast dissapearing. We are entering an age of
sophisticated younger collectors who will not be sold into buying common or poor quality
merchandise but will collect an area with a devotion and attention to detail that will
sometimes impress their peers.

Amos Publishing

This site would not be possible without the help and cooperation of Amos publishing,
who produce Scotts Stamp catalogs.

My email

If writing to me requesting me to identify or value an item, please be patient, this site
gets quite a few thousand visits each day, and as such creates a lot of email enquiries.
It is not possible to answer each and every one, however I do answer as many as possible.

Do I purchase collections?

i do buy collections and rarely sell them.