1866 US Postage Stamps

1863 2¢ - #73 (The Black Jack)

2¢ - Black, gray black or intense black
256,000,000 - Scott #73 - 1863


Used: $5-$20
No postmark with gum (MH): $75-$150
Full perfect gum, no postmark, no trace of stamp hinge mark (MNH): $400-$750

Please Note

The centering of this design and the 1866 15c were some of the worst in all of the 19thC issues, as
the designs were probably too large for the area of the stamp. Copies with the design clear
of the perforations on all four sides sell at a premium.

#73 showing the "Atherton Shift"
Double Transfer

2¢ - Black
Printed on both sides (inversed)
Scott #73f - 1863

1866 US Postage Stamps